NumeroLogic 1.0

Lets you tap that universal consciousness to generate your lucky numbers
1.0.03 (See all)

Select your game from the built-in list of popular games or quickly create combinations to match the game you prefer.
Mega Millions, WinFall, Keno, even the Irish Sweepstakes, whatever your game or games are our new NumeroLogic software lets you tap that universal consciousness to generate your lucky numbers.

NumeroLogic provides basic numerology with the same universal randomness that guides such oracular programs as the I Ching, Tarot, Daily Numbers and other traditional guides that tap the universal consciousness for wisdom and answers.
You’ll find in the Life Numbers and Lucky days information based on simple, traditional numerological calculations.
In the Lottery and Daily numbers you rely on the universe to guide you. Click once and get your number, click more than once and you tempt the fates that you are trusting to guide you.

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